Every year, during the week of May 15th, the city of Madrid has an appointment with some of its most important traditions: San Isidro Festival. It’s when all “madrileños” fill the streets of the capital with their typical costumes of “chulapos” and participate in multitudinary festivities in different places near the city center.

The background of this festivity is to honor San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of Madrid that lived in the 11th century considered to have a deep relation with water and crops. That’s why there is a tradition to visit the hermitage of this saint and drink the water of the font nearby, considered to have miraculous properties. The festivities of San Isidro date back to the 14th century, and they changed a little bit along the time with the incorporation of non-religious traditions, but the existing celebrations have been very alike during the last five hundred years.


The schottische is a partnered country dance, that apparently originated in Bohemia. It was popular in Victorian era ballrooms as a part of the Bohemian folk-dance craze and left its traces in folk music of countries such as Argentina ("chotis" and "chamamé"), Finland ("jenkka"), France, Italy, Norway ("reinlender"), Portugal and Brazil (xote, Chotiça ), Spain (chotis), Sweden, Denmark ("schottis"), and the United States, among other nations. The schottische is considered by The Oxford Companion to Music to be a kind of slower polka, with continental-European origin.

The schottische basic step is made up of two sidesteps to the left and right, followed by a turn in four steps. In Madrid, the chotis, chotís or schotís is considered the most typical dance of the city since the 19th century and it is danced in all the traditional festivals. Some of the tunes, as "Madrid, Madrid, Madrid", by the Mexican composer Agustín Lara become very well known in all Spain. The authors of the zarzuelas created a host of new chotis and strengthened their popularity.

Tomas Bretón: Habenera. "¿Dónde vas con mantón de Manila? 
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  1. Que pena que no se pueda celebrar el chotis este año en el cole.
    Aunque me ha gustado la idea de poner videos del chotis para poderlo bailar en casa con nuestra familia y también me parece bien la idea de poner texto explicativo del origen del chotis para que podamos saber más sobre el.

  2. Jooooo
    Con las ganas que tenía yo de bailar el chotis en MI ULTIMO AÑO EN EL COLE... Buena idea lo de los vídeos para que podamos bailar en casa.
    Ánimo a todosssss!!!!!

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  4. Holiii si que está guay que podamos bailar el chotis en casa... Pero todo el mundo está diciendo lo mismo 😅.

  5. Hola Gema! Soy Diego Manrique de Lara de 3ºB. ¡Qué pena que este año no podamos celebrar San Isidro juntos en el cole. Me ha gustado ver los videos.

  6. Hello Gema, I like so much the videos of the chotis and I danced a chotis with my mum ����

  7. Hello Gema, I love the chotis to dance in my home with my family.

  8. LEIRE GUERREIRO 3ºB18 de mayo de 2020, 3:01

    Este año me quedado con las ganas de bailar el chotis en el cole. El viernes me vestí de chulapa y lo bailamos en casa.